The story of Pressure Consulting

Pressure Consulting Düsseldorf CX

Jake Duncan and Marco Racanelli met in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2017, while working at trivago N.V.

Over the next couple of years the two worked together on projects that aimed at making customer engagement and retention more efficient.

The team behind our firm

Jake Duncan from Pressure Consulting
Jake Duncan
Jake holds a Master in Business Administration and is currently the Head of Customer Excellence at SilverTours GmbH. Read more ->
Marco Racanelli from Pressure Consulting
Marco Racanelli
Marco holds an Honours degree in Marketing and has worked in Customer Intelligence Customer Marketing and Data at trivago NV. Read more ->

What we are


We offer what's best for you, your people and your processes. Our solutions are scalable and will make you independent.

Data driven

We equip you with everything you need to collect, structure and leverage data to your advantage.


We believe purpose is key to success. That's why we work with organisations that are bold, authentic and forward thinking.

Our timeline


First collaborations

One year after they met, Jake and Marco start working more and more closely at trivago N.V., tackling projects related to sales controlling and Customer Experience. Jake later leaves trivago N.V.


The idea

Few months after the Covid-19 pandemic had struck, Jake and Marco meet again in occasion of a 2-day bike trip. The idea of joining forces to start Pressure Consulting starts to take shape.


The official step

After plenty of preparation, study and pro-bono projects, Pressure Consulting becomes a reality. Based in Neuss, Germany, but operating internationally, Pressure Consulting is open for business.